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Guangsha Group ranks No. 13 in the “Top 60 Contractors in China in 2004”

    On Nov. 29th, the award of “2004 Top 60 Contractors and Engineering Design Companies in China”, which is initiated jointly by the “Construction Times” and the “Engineering News Record” (“ENR”) of the US, was given. Sixty construction companies including CSCEC and sixty design companies including CPECC were honored with the award. With a total sales revenue of 8.295 billion Yuan, Guangsha Construction Group ranked the 13th among the “2004 Top 60 Contractors in China” and “2004 Top 50 Domestic Contractors with the Highest Sales Revenues” and the 6th among the “2004 Top Contractors in China regarding General Construction Revenues”.

    “ENR” magazine ranks the global construction conglomerates on an annual basis and its “Top 225 International Contractors” and “Top 200 International Engineering Design Companies” are the most well-known in the global construction industry. This rating of Chinese companies is the first one “ENR” has ever carried out of a particular country except the US. It is based on the total sales revenues of Chinese companies in the fields of domestic and international contracting and design in 2003 and the ranking shows that the leading Chinese construction companies are gradually approaching the leading global ones in terms of overall competitiveness and that Guangsha Construction Group has become one of the world-renowned competitors by developing itself with leaps and bounds.

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